Collaborative editing, unbest practices 

Colleague shared a document in Google Docs and asked for edits from our team. It was pretty rough text, so I added about 20 suggested edits. He sent me a reply by email, saying "Thanks, good edits" but left them all as suggestions in the document itself.

I've recommended he actually accept the changes so that other members of the team can read the modified text and make their own suggestions...

Collaborative editing, unbest practices 

The changes have all been accepted! Colleague admits he's still getting the hang of this "collegial editing" thing. Excellent!

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Collaborative editing, unbest practices 

Uh-oh. Colleague then exported the Google Doc to Microsoft Word, deleted the Google Doc (wiping out all of the comments, in which several significant decisions were documented), and copied/pasted from Word into an email (which screwed up the formatting).

Back to unbest practices.

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