Wanted: a Canadian librarian to give a keynote on digitization and metadata. Maybe my friends can recommend some good candidates?

/cc @anna @ashley @sabrams

@dbs @anna @sabrams I don't mean this as a total chump move but I immediately think of all of my fellow systems archivists (who are almost all Canadian):

@dbs @anna @sabrams but I don't mean to just hype the place I work for!! It's just where I get my primary interactions with amazing Canadians, and several have over a decade of experience each in that topic!

@ashley @anna @sabrams Not a chump move at all; one of my first thoughts was about artefactual!

One challenge, though, is that the group is looking specifically for a librarian; I believe they already have lined up an archivist.

@dbs @anna @sabrams Oooooh, gotcha! Sorry, down here there is a much fuzzier line between archivist and librarian -- I should have read your request more closely

@ashley @anna @sabrams Personally I think the fuzziness is justified when it comes to digitization in particular!

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