Trying this again. Set up a Raspberry Pi 3B+ at work so that it could use python-swiftclient to do the batch uploads over the weekend - monitoring it via SSH forwarding from the office to my personal server.

So far, so good, albeit slow...

Like, really slow. Cyberduck CLI took about 17 hours to upload this batch of files; it looks like python-swiftclient is going to take 48?

There's a major caveat, though, in that Cyberduck CLI errored out at the end, and even though it was only 5 GB out of 693 GB, that's a *lot* of breakage for something that you want preserved.

I'll take slow and steady and trustworthy over that any day.

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And we're done! It took 48 hours and 23 minutes. Far slower than Cyberduck CLI, but it did the job correctly, which is worth... everything.

And now I have a Raspberry Pi ready to perform this sort of batch upload in the future, if (who am I kidding? WHEN) other such disks turn up.

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