Mmm, nothing like being handed a 7-year-old 1TB portable drive with the only known copy of the output of a summer-long digital preservation project. 😟

Time to get that shiz in our multi-node storage network! (

@dbs I’m breaking into hives for your plight

@kayiwa All good so far, have uploaded 137 GiB out of 635 GiB at 15.9 MB/sec.

This, despite having to route the upload through a work IP address, which offers less bandwidth than my fibre-to-the-home connection. Curse you dumbass IP-based restrictions!

Hahaha... of course my SSH tunnel to work died after around 298 GiB uploaded (maybe a work bandwidth shaping rule kicked in?)

AND my home fiber connection also died this morning.

Luckily the Cyberduck CLI doesn't freak out and calmly waits for you to re-establish a connection so it can continue.

484 / 635 GiB uploaded... trucking along. Hang in there, old portable drive!

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