Nice config variable name, Primo VE: "alphabetiacl_sort_pickup_inst_lib"

Library collection development, big deals 

Went into a collections development meeting this morning and managed to flip our chair's position from "we must keep all of the big deals!" to "we must drop our big deals!"

Context: we have to make major cuts this year (again). Something like 15% of our budget. So our values are to keep content that focuses on Canada (which tends to be the small-dollar items) and rely on ILL for what we've dropped.

joke, mildly sexual 

So if I found Microsoft's new browser so enjoyable that I wanted to use it a long, long time, would that mean I was really into


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libraries, surveillance, privacy, higher ed, $$ ask 

if you can, please join me in supporting someone standing up against the use of ed tech surveillance software. it's important.

they're now fighting a lawsuit intended solely to shut them up.



DRM, libraries 

Had to explain to a technician today how the .acsm file format works, why they need Adobe Digital Editions & an individual account to download and decrypt it, and that the issue of a journal they had ordered will not be (legally) shareable to anyone else. (So probably money thrown away but AFAICT this journal doesn't offer DRM-free e-options)

Also I've been downloading that single issue for over 3 hours now, what the hell is wrong with your content server Arquitectura Viva?

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We found an open source license that Google is against so we're changing to it: Hello AGPL!

It helps prevent corporations from taking our code and selling it as a proprietary competitor.

No change to you as a Plausible subscriber or self-hoster.

Canadian university rankings 

This breakdown of student satisfaction survey results (where we placed 19th overall, last in our category of primarily undergraduate universities) is *dismal*:

Course Instructors: 19
Student Life Staff: 19
Administrative Staff: 19
Academic Advising Staff: 19
Mental Health Services: 19
Extracurricular Activities: 14
Experiential Learning: 18
Residence Living: 12
Promoting Indigenous Visibility: 3
Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault: 18

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Canadian university rankings 

Got in a bit of a funk over the latest Maclean's university rankings yesterday because my employer (Laurentian) is ranked close to the bottom of the country on almost everything, again.

I know many faculty and staff who pour their heart and soul into making their students' experiences the best they can possibly be. It's pretty demoralizing to not see any broader impact after all these years. (14 for me)

I'm thankful that a half hour hike from our backyard brings us to places like this. Good hike with the family yesterday morning.

Running Fedora 33 beta since yesterday and happy. LibreOffice 7.0, woo! Might try joining the btrfs crowd at some point too.

Ooh interesting alternative to Matomo (& Google) Analytics: /cc @anelki

Lightweight, GDPR-compliant, and focused on simple analytics. Might be right for us, as all we really care about are unique visitors and total page views.

running semi-brag 

Also F my Garmin watch which, after that big milestone, told me I am still in the bottom 45% of my age group _and_ added one more year to my fitness age, now making me two years older than my chronological age. Nice motivation system you have going there.

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running semi-brag 

I ran 10k today for the first time in... I don't know how many years. 10 maybe? I had been running 5k a couple of times a week for three part few months, and totally wiped at the end. Today I decided to try a longer run, took it a little slower, and it was almost easy. Weird! My longest run before that was about 6k and there were periods of walking involved.

Currently vibrating into a different plane of existence as I oscillate between trying to get started on several different high-priority projects, each with rapidly approaching deadlines.

That plane of existence may be a couch, upon which I may take a nap.

exercise semi-brag 

I ran 5k in under 30 minutes for the first time in years tonight, on the same slightly hilly route I've been taking for the past few months. Whee! And right after eating a full dinner, too.


Tonight I sent our university librarian step-by-step instructions on how to create a calendar invite in Google Calendar, because he hasn't figured it out after five years.

I got tired of him sending us an email and asking us to hold the date until his assistant has time to send the invitation to us. (His assistant has much higher-value work to be doing, and sending an email takes as long as creating a calendar invite...)

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@adr saw on the birbs that you were having a tough day. Don't know why exactly (2020 offers so many possibilities) but sending you hugs unconditionally.

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