Mmm, nothing like being handed a 7-year-old 1TB portable drive with the only known copy of the output of a summer-long digital preservation project. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Time to get that shiz in our multi-node storage network! (

Well that's why nobody was joining this conference call... it's next week.

Have seen a few different projects not supporting MySQL 5.7 because ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY being turned on by default is breaking things (

That can happen when you start by deliberately ignoring standards and then slowly start implementing them as you realize why they were part of the standard (SQL-92 in this case) in the first place?

Previous behaviour: "the values chosen [were] nondeterministic, which is probably not what you want"

Slighted by admin; swearing 

And sending an email to a journal reporting that I was unable to find a policy on self-deposit in institutional repositories and suggesting that they add one (including wording of attribution statements and guidance on maximum embargo periods based on funder requirements...).

Because I'm going to change the OA world, dammit, one recalcitrant journal at a time

That's two OJS-based journals now that don't seem to be posting their ISSNs. Wonder if it's something to do with upgrading to OJS 3.x and the non-bleeding-eye templates?

On the path of tracking down the open access policies of a handful of journals for some teaching faculty colleagues, I have gone down the rat hole of suggesting updates & new journals to Sherpa/RoMEO and using curl against the ISSN portal to retrieve Turtle LD to verify an ISSN that is not posted on the journal's own website

A 48-line email signature.


I'm leading a Zotero workshop for humanities masters students next week. I was sure I had led a similar workshop in the past and started searching for my materials.

It was back in 2008!

Guess I've got a _lot_ of updating to do :)

FB and elementary school info 

Eliminating librarians at MPOW 

Eliminating librarians at MPOW 

Eliminating librarians at MPOW 

An (almost) helpless systems librarian 

An (almost) helpless systems librarian 

Petty work grudge 

An (almost) helpless systems librarian 

Petty work grudge 

Punch cards / protection of privacy 

Marched in my city's Labour Day parade with my family. A good outing, despite some rain at the start. So many friendly people.

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