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look its super easy just learn this huge new technology stack with its custom weirdo web dev terminology and also finish it super fast because the project is already way behind and dont forget to write high quality maintainable code bc we will never sunset anything ok thx bye

Hmm, my Android device just asked me to update its Google Apps Device Policy because I'm signed into my work account.

The policy allows the IT admins at work to remotely wipe data and request a list of applications accessing domain data.

Guess I'm deleting the work account from my personal phone instead. Bonus: better work-life balance, hopefully!

RDA music representation example 

Reimbursement processes 

Reimbursement system security 

It is hard to concentrate when the construction next door is not just noisy, but also vibrates your entire building and anything in it. Including your body.

Sans noise, it could almost be like a free massage but every once in a while it gets to the level of *BOOM SHAKE*

So maybe I'll just play a game?

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SirsiDynix Bluecloud (wrapper for Zepheira linked data web visibility snake oil) quote for a 10,000-enrolment university = 25,000 USD


So Erin Dobias from Google Books just confirmed that bibliographic data expressed as schema.org is not used as a signal in their product that feeds into the Knowledge Graph; but instead uses MARC records from their scanning project, publisher ONIX records, OCLC data.

More $0 in each record = stronger signal for Google

Surveillance by colleagues 


TIL that while Zotero navigates unAPI to get alternate formats for citations, it doesn't understand the comparatively simple <link rel="alternate" type="application/x-research-info-systems" href="">

I had foolishly assumed the latter and added that, so now maybe I'll try to build something based on github.com/zotero/translators/ ...

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It's independent #BookstoreDay! When you buy audiobooks from Libro.fm they come without DRM, and every purchase benefits an indie bookstore of your choosing!

This code will get you five free audiobooks:

Neighbourhood; addicts; empathy 

Neighbourhood; addicts; empathy 

Neighbourhood; children; violence 

Neighbourhood; children; violence 

Neighbourhood; children; violence 

10-minute experiment on linked bibliographic data quality dimensions 

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Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

... microsoft.com, I am running the most up-to-date Firefox, not a time machine.

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