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Watched Time Bandits with my 11yo and he said it was “better than I thought it would be”, so I’m not a total failure as a parent.

"The rise of community-owned monopolies" by Konrad Hinsen

"The monopoly situation prevents existing users from moving elsewhere, significantly reducing the effort that needs to be made to keep them. All effort can thus be concentrated on gaining new users, which leads to the paradoxical situation that the needs of non-users have a larger weight in strategic decisions than the needs of the user base."

This is spot-on.

I feel like the JS ecosystem is a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine that you start by stepping on rake and completes when that rake hits you in the face.

Someone I spent a lot of time mentoring in my previous job just told me she learned so much since I left because there wasn’t someone there to answer all of the questions.
Felt great, tbh, like I helped someone get to the point where they just needed to jump and fly on their own.
But also…I’ve still got room to grow as a mentor, knowing when to step back.

A colleague told me my script was the “best written shell script” she had ever seen. Remember kids, if you set the bar low, you too can achieve greatness. :)

Wanted to really dig into some rust, so I scratched an itch and built a little cli app that moves an arbitrarily deep directory of files to a pairtree structure, with a few options.
I'm not sure I'm writing "good" rust, but it compiles and does what it's supposed to that's a start. 😂

Being on the receiving end of a masterclass in “Not My Job”-ism absolutely inspires feelings of “I wish this was no longer my job”.

Nothing like writing a bit of rust to make you feel humble about your skills as a programmer.

My submission for this years (National Poetry Generation Month) is "Dirty Poetry". Poems made using the worst OCR data extracted from the LOC Chronicling America dataset.

Source ->

Love this story about game preservation made possible by someone submitting printed out source code to the Library of Congress Copyright Office

Downloading hundreds of gigabytes of terrible OCR data to generate some poetry. Instead of cleaning the data, I think I’m going to try to lean into the poor quality, see if I can make something so terrible it’s transcendent.

Dreamt that the hardest part of packing for our summer road trip was going to be figuring out where to put our new pet hippopotamus.

cute rabbit 

Fediverse needs more bunnies, so here we go

I was yesterday years old when I made the connection between “empire” and “empirical” both being about exerting power over the world.

Tonight’s rabbit hole went from William S Burroughs to the Journal of Recreational Linguistics, and was exactly as fun as you might expect.

The weirdest part about switching from working in a university library to working in the largest library in the world is that I actually have less access to books now...because remote.

My son, last night: I’m going to be responsible and clean this bag of rotten kale out of the fridge.

Me, this morning, pulling a bag of rotting kale from the trash can: oooh, this will make my compost powerful!

Google just completed my search for “allow api gateway to write” with “to your boyfriend“ and that’s like some next level coin operated boy shit.

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