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@bibliotechy Philadelphia has seasons, true, but I didn’t realize till just then how the last few mild winters have robbed me of this spring euphoria.

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Walking the dog I was reminded just how amazing the first spring-like day feels after a cold and snowy winter like this one. I felt so energized, so free, so hopeful.

library data standards 

I thought I’d heard of all the possible abuses of MARC...and then I started working on the US national copyright system.

Finding that my knowledge of Solr is as much often a hindrance as it is help in learning ElasticSearch. Keep thinking in the solr way of doing things...which often leads me astray.

After my first web project in typescript, I don’t think I ever want to deal with the dom without enforced types again. Just made it so clear what level of the abstraction I was at. The only pain point was import statements breaking when compiling to js. I’m sure there is a tooling solution for it...but I’m not sure what it is.

I just heard about WikiGame yesterday, like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon but for wikipedia article links and I wondered if a similar approach could be taken to digital library collections.

It would need some tweaking though, as links in a Wikipedia article tend to be to discreet items that are also articles, whereas most digital collections items link to collections of related items, like all of images from the same collection or with the same subject.

Someone on my call keeps referring to a colleague as the “smee”, which I think means SME (subject matter expert) but I just keep thinking of

TIL: Firefox (on mac at least) lets you select multiple tabs (shift + mouse click on a tab) and the perform bulk operations, like dragging them all to a bookmarks folder, or closing them. I’m useful for Tab that have mushroomed but I still want to come back to.

This NY Times article on the decentralized web is disappointing. Using Bitcoin as its entry point seems to sway the entire article towards the biz side of the topic, instead of many other places it could have gone. though it is very telling to see the dude from LBRY call alt-right folks banned from bigger platforms a “marginalized voice”. Seems the initial assessment of them was spot on.

Reading this Borges biography and finding out he wrote an early version of the Library of Babel while miserable in a job as a cataloger in a run down municipal library, and used the existence of every possible book in that library as a metaphor for his own writers block, changes how I read that story in ways I’m not sure I like.

My first time working in a bigger software engineering org and I’m really struggling with finding a balance between
1) being empathetic about existing code bases and how they got to be the way they are
2) my own instincts about how code should be built, organized, tested, etc
3) my lack of knowledge about whether this is just how things are done in a bigger org

project management 

One of my colleagues is going to a “scrum of scrums” meeting and maybe the scrum barrel has floated out into the middle of the river and fallen right over a waterfall

If anyone is interested in an invite to a beta version of a mastodon inspired federated Goodreads alternative, , lmk cause I have a few left

@tripofmice are you still taking requests to join bookwyrm? I’m interested in staring to use it.

“Cloud native” devops on a small team is basically an exercise in context switching and terminology recall.

Today was a weird ass day to be a federal employee of the legislative branch. :( is a GLAM-themed Mastodon Instance.