Ok, refactored it into a function now called “rank_func” which definitely smells better

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"She was about to flush the toilet. "Mother?" She looked back. There was a head popping out of the toilet, calling for her. "Mother?" The woman looked at it for a moment. Then, she flushed the toilet. The head disappeared in a rush of water. She left the bathroom."

-- "Cursed Bunny", page 5

First paragraph of the first story in this collection is already so weird! The rest of the story did not disappoint.

Last time I got an X-ray (of my collapsed lung 20+ years ago) I got to take the extremely large negative home with me, notionally to bring to my doctor. Instead, I turned it into a lampshade.

Can’t really do that jpeg, can you.

embellished with all the gay flags of all the known nations of the world


@hardyoyo yeah you nearly died, but the bacteria and germs livings in your respiratory system definitely died , so you’ve got that going for you

Health, children 

Hopefully our second attempt at a child free vacay to NYC will not be thwarted again by illness. Kiddo tested positive for strep today, and I feel like shit…but Sunday is ages away. 🤞

Recently finished my first watch though of Adventure Time and I have a major crush on Marceline. Who’s your cartoon crush?

I find for myself, especially online, a corollary to “if you’re not angry you’re not paying attention” is “If I’m always angry, I’m not paying attention to myself”.

I’m probably just a judgmental shit and miss out on cool stuff because of it, but will absolutely lose all interest in a tech talk when the speaker describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”.

Uspol, dictator apologists 

The names Boot. Max Boot. Because I will lick all the boots

Talked to my physical therapist about The Wind Up Bird Chronicle to start my day…fairly sure that portends either existential malaise or the need for a cold beer.

Oooooh, the service that tracks my solar panel power generation comes with an API! Hours of noodling ahead!

One of my choices for this time off request is “Duvet Days” and yeah, that’s what I’m picking

@edsu oooh. After just seeing her exhibit at the Hirshhorn, I’m especially intrigued. I think I’d only heard a few of her really noisy, discordant music pieces and thought she was too obtuse. But that exhibit totally changed my mind.

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