Started reading this book and immediately thought of @platypus because the first chapter subtitle is “Victims of the Southern Kudzu Epidemic”

npm posting 

@darius not that, but my usual typo is ‘vom filename’ which always feel gross

@edsu yes and hopefully he learns that writing any software is a mistake

Let my son sign up for a Java coding class.
Sometimes you just need to let them learn from their own mistakes.

@anelki lol, first toot i see after installing it is this. Thanks!

Watched Time Bandits with my 11yo and he said it was “better than I thought it would be”, so I’m not a total failure as a parent.

"The rise of community-owned monopolies" by Konrad Hinsen

"The monopoly situation prevents existing users from moving elsewhere, significantly reducing the effort that needs to be made to keep them. All effort can thus be concentrated on gaining new users, which leads to the paradoxical situation that the needs of non-users have a larger weight in strategic decisions than the needs of the user base."

This is spot-on.

I feel like the JS ecosystem is a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine that you start by stepping on rake and completes when that rake hits you in the face.

@petrichor 1. Be clear in communicating unofficial norms like what time do people start / stop, how long is an acceptable lunch break. It would be easy to pick up those things in person much harder when you’re fully remote.
2. Video on as much as possible. Nonverbal communication is so important to understanding who you’re working with and building relationships and it’s hard to do if video is not on most of the time for meetings.

Someone I spent a lot of time mentoring in my previous job just told me she learned so much since I left because there wasn’t someone there to answer all of the questions.
Felt great, tbh, like I helped someone get to the point where they just needed to jump and fly on their own.
But also…I’ve still got room to grow as a mentor, knowing when to step back.

A colleague told me my script was the “best written shell script” she had ever seen. Remember kids, if you set the bar low, you too can achieve greatness. :)

nightmare description 

@ashley terrifying, but also makes you sound like an immensely powerful witch not to be messed with

Wanted to really dig into some rust, so I scratched an itch and built a little cli app that moves an arbitrarily deep directory of files to a pairtree structure, with a few options.
I'm not sure I'm writing "good" rust, but it compiles and does what it's supposed to that's a start. 😂

@platypus nice! Excited to see what you do with that extra resource!

Being on the receiving end of a masterclass in “Not My Job”-ism absolutely inspires feelings of “I wish this was no longer my job”.

@ksclarke I’ve been leaning towards getting one and this is encouraging me

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