Uspol, dictator apologists 

The names Boot. Max Boot. Because I will lick all the boots

One of my choices for this time off request is “Duvet Days” and yeah, that’s what I’m picking

Animal food 

Received the weirdest surprise with our pet supply order.

Things suck, but this cat, sunning itself in the window of a bookstore, doesn’t

Absolutely need 100% more "Burp Collaborator" in my network stack

I feel like this is the perfect phonetic spelling to represent exactly how twisted French dipthongs are


Went to the vet to pick up some prescription dog food and ended up meeting this guy

Was worried when I broke the coffeemaker’s carafe last night, but now I get to enjoy using the cafeteria

Started reading this book and immediately thought of @platypus because the first chapter subtitle is “Victims of the Southern Kudzu Epidemic”

cute rabbit 

Fediverse needs more bunnies, so here we go

Someone on my call keeps referring to a colleague as the “smee”, which I think means SME (subject matter expert) but I just keep thinking of is a GLAM-themed Mastodon Instance.