The weirdest part about switching from working in a university library to working in the largest library in the world is that I actually have less access to books now...because remote.

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@bibliotechy I'm curious... where are you working now? Wondering because, last I heard, a very large library in D.C. (I may be thinking of a different one) didn't allow full-time remote workers. Curious if that's changed.

@ksclarke I am indeed at that library. It’s a five year appointment with 80% telework ( post pandemic) which can be done in blocks. So twice a month I’ll go down on Amtrak Monday morning, do an overnight, come back Tuesday evening.

@bibliotechy @ksclarke that said, there were some folks hired in my 5 year year term cohort who are 100% remote, and I’ve heard of some permanent folks working 100% remote, but do not know the details.

@bibliotechy Even more interesting... good for that very large library (and for those folks who got those remote jobs). Really, with as great as D.C. is, being able to go in every month seems like a good compromise. It may be an even better deal than fully remote. :-)

@ksclarke that’s how I see it. Like a twice a month mini vacation where I explore DC in the evening.

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