Talked to my physical therapist about The Wind Up Bird Chronicle to start my day…fairly sure that portends either existential malaise or the need for a cold beer.

Oooooh, the service that tracks my solar panel power generation comes with an API! Hours of noodling ahead!

One of my choices for this time off request is “Duvet Days” and yeah, that’s what I’m picking

If it is not served in a mason jar, is it even really iced tea?

Animal food 

Received the weirdest surprise with our pet supply order.

Things suck, but this cat, sunning itself in the window of a bookstore, doesn’t

This Serbian lady is about to torture somebody right after this, isn’t she.

Absolutely need 100% more "Burp Collaborator" in my network stack

I feel like this is the perfect phonetic spelling to represent exactly how twisted French dipthongs are


Me, chopping jalapeños for an omelette: yeah, hehe fuck yeah, this is gonna be great

Me, 2 minutes later: aww fuck, my eyes are burning, this sucks


So many people I know , all vaxxed and boosted and generally pretty careful, are catching Covid. Feels like a major surge. I don’t think I’ve ever known this many people who tested positive at one time :(


Went to the vet to pick up some prescription dog food and ended up meeting this guy

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