Just now I learnt that the Arte app for Android TV also has live content, like a dance (i.e. EDM) concert 🕺

"To effectively resist cooptation and expand our movement, we believe we need to build on the FOSS movement with an explicitly anticapitalist political movement which proactively collaborates with other movements for justice." cooperativetechnology.codeberg

After signing up for bookwyrm.social, I found out that OpenLibrary also allows users to keep track of books they're reading...

And that one of the books I wanted to import from OL to Bookwyrm doesn't have an author, so I add them and their ISNI. Only to find that the ISNI is displayed wrongly :O
So I'm back in the OL issues after ~7 years: github.com/internetarchive/ope

My aunt celebrated her birthday and asked to not bring gifts, as she doesn't need more stuff. Instead she asked for a card describing your passion(s). That was a great idea (not just because we asked a similar question at our wedding); I needed a trigger like this to think about what I like doing and write it down.

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@kayiwa would it be possible for me to move here from @bencomp@mastodon.utwente.nl ? When I go to 'create alias', I get an internal server error...


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