This is so batshit mindbogglingly stupid I had to check the date on the article to make sure it wasn't 1 April:

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Dear Internet,

The World Wide Web as we know it is nearly 30 years old.

Please stop breaking the back button with your stupid websites.

What I don't quite get is whence the sudden downturn. It's basically the same course I taught a few years ago (except easier!) and the last couple semester have not been nearly as kind in terms of feedback.

Teaching evaluations are out, and while not as bad as last semester (no one told me to quit teaching this time, yay) they were still pretty rough.

Not sure how I can reduce the workload in this course further without compromising its content, but comments like "more work than all my other classes combined" are not uncommon....

Hot take: a turnip is halfway between being a radish and a rutabaga and it's terrible at both.

Look ahead and make things easier for future-you.

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anytime people complain about how socialized medicine means "long waiting times" i seriously go googly eyed because i once had a gynecologist in New Orleans who had to cancel a routine pelvic exam appointment and COULD NOT GET ME IN AGAIN FOR MORE THAN 6 MONTHS

Let's hear it for cool people like my wife, who, knowing I was planning to do some baking today, gave me one of my christmas presents early: a kitchen scale.

Periodic reminder:
Other people are not inferior versions of you.

Don’t take action toward what you no longer want.

Dear Square, just because I wanted the e-mailed receipt once, it doesn't mean I want it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Imagine you had to move and one box of stuff got lost on the way.
What would be in that box which you care least about still having?

Maybe lose it now. :)

Discard the illusion that stress equates to working hard.

When life gives you five pounds of oyster mushrooms, you make mushroom stew.

Reminder: Code4Lib 2020 presentation proposal voting closes this Friday, November 1, 2019 at 11:59pm PST!

My kiddo has a lift-the-flap book that goes "I'm helping dad with a special project." Each page is like: "Where are daddy's screwdrivers? Behind the paint cans!" "Where are daddy's pencils? Under his work gloves!"

I feel very seen, but also personally attacked.

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