OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR idea for a new cryptocurrency!

if "NOW That's What I Call Music" is so good why isn't there a...oh ok

well if "NOW That's What I Call Music 2" is so good why isn't there a...oh really?

well if "NOW T

Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

white supremacy; useful vocabulary concepts I learned 

A useful mental swap I learned from someone smarter than me:

When you call it a "food desert", it sounds like it's just an aspect of the environment, a manifestation of nature. This is the exact opposite of the truth. Acknowledge the systemic intentionality and call it what it is: food apartheid.

Gotta figure out how to list on my annual activity report.... what's the suggested citation format for a decentralized, federated conference with no hosting organization and no website?

Good times, my first instance of "missed talk due to fundamental inability to check the time". Not even a UTC issue, just failure to confirm the time in my head against the time on my calendar

2020 really is the Fyre Festival of years, isnโ€™t it.

Cussing, typography 

Today, in "Crimes against Typography," we have Roboto. Holy crap, Google, just stop. Hire a fucking professional.

please only vote if you are a BIPoC and have experienced persistent harassment on the fediverse

imagine your instance had a feature where your mods and mods from other instances could quickly and easily share block/bans across fedi, to more rapidly and thoroughly respond to toxic behavior, and to combat users who ban evade by switching instances

would you feel overall safer on the fediverse? would you want to use fedi more or more often?

everyone please boost :boost_ok: ๐Ÿ™

Anti-consumerism is just anti-capitalism for victim blamers


1) You believe that the collective lot of BIPOC in the US -- poverty, suffering, discrimination, the whole of it -- is the result of 401 years of ongoing systematic oppression, or

2) You believe that at some point in the last 401 years, systemic racism "ended" and BIPOC are on average poorer, sicker, and more incarcerated because they are somehow fundamentally lesser than white people and are simply failing to "pull themselves up". In which case, congratulations, you're a racist.

Minneapolis, George Floyd, cops, birdsite 

No surprise here: the people who started vandalizing were agents provocateurs.


PA Pol, COVID-19, horrible people, birdsite 

PA GOP legislature members hid the fact that some members tested positive for COVID-19 from their Democratic colleages, all while self-isolating from their families, secretly contact tracing among their fellow Republicans -- oh, and continuing to attend legislative sessions and committee meetings. Not a word to Democrats in those sessions.


jokes from two months ago 

really, antisocial distancing is more my speed.

@vickysteeves @platypus

The Before Times:
"Buy our crap for money."

"In these uncertain times, buy our crap for money."

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