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If you've struggled with addressing loved ones oppressive behavior, might I share with you a term introduced by Black Girls Dangerous (in 2013), and then follow up on a well written article from Everyday Feminism on what it is to call someone in, versus calling them out.

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I forgot the word spine today and instead said 'bone rope' in front of all of my work colleagues

LOVE this approach. Y'all we MUST be curious, we must ask, 'what does this do?' and be willing/able to cultivate the growth of that curiosity. "curiosity-driven research won the prize and brought us new cancer medicines."

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Your code has consequences, people. Stop putting your own needs before the needs of the people who use the tools you make.

Also, this might be the first time Lily Allen has been quoted in code. Maybe. Probably not.

An observation from the summit/conference I'm at right now, the more questions you ask in a session, the more "open to talking" you appear to others. It's going to be a new tactic I do some more studying on at other conferences (where sessions are not single track and thus you have 20-30 folks in the room)

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So… (FFS, fuming right now)… an email address IS NOT required to register for Let’s Encrypt certificates but greenlock decided to make it required BECAUSE FUCKING TELEMETRY AND TRACKING PEOPLE.

Don’t do this, people. Just don’t do it.

Not even considering the complexity requiring an email address adds for a piece of personal technology… *smh*

I‘ve disabled it (hackishly) for the time being. And now have to spend more time disabling it properly.

*walks away mumbling*

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It's a good day to reflect on how you treat the women in your professional relationships, and how you value the economic and cultural contributions of women, in general and in the workplace.

Consider challenging yourself to work harder to hire and recognize the professional and creative accomplishments of women in your life!

I'm personally celebrating International Women's Day with a bit of women doing business with each other, and I love it. :flan_thumbs: :flan_hurrah:

What is a non-political unpopular opinion you have? (boosts are encouraged)
I’ll start, I think Pulp Fiction is overrated.

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Does anyone know of anyone providing a service where you can register a domain name and provision a VPS (with the domain name pointing to it) automatically? (Ideally with an API also.)

If you use Slack for work, do you have a slackbot feature enabled that encourages a more inclusive language?
Like what is described here:

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@_whitni There's also a stand alone website around it for those that don't want to visit twitter even for more info:

Today is if you're not familiar with this day, check out @theblckout account (birbsite) for more info. Otherwise, celebrate yourself (if you're black) or your friends (if they're black) and your amazing self or the amazing content that was created by you/them.
If you're white, take a pause on celebrating yourself.

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It's #blackoutday! I'm a Black writer and graphic designer that does Fan-Fic, commission work, and is writing a novel!

You can find my writing here:
And I stream with my bud here!

60 Minutes aired a segment about closing the gender gap in technology. Their story focused entirely on and its male founder as a savior of women in tech, without even a passing mention of Girls Who Code and other women-led orgs in the space.

As a Girls Who Code facilitator for multiple years and a woman in tech, hearing this happened frustrates me.

Girls Who Code spoke out!

On this stupid cold New England day, I'm enjoying the crud out of this song.

Thanks to an amazing keynote given at a , I am acutely aware of the labor that goes into flagging/reporting inappropriate things and while it doesn't deter me from submitting, with it I also send positive energies for those who have to moderate the submissions that come in (manual or via AI). It'd be great if people could just stop being assholes on the internet.

I may have just ruined my heated blanket because sensored washing machines cannot handle these instructions no matter how hard you try. 😩

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There is a difference between hatefulness and uncomfortable conversation.

This space gives us all an opportunity to speak and be heard and that, naturally, is going to lead to some streams crossing.

I think the expectation that progress is smooth, strife free and comfortable is not only absurd, but counter to the idea of progress itself.

Growing is just going to hurt sometimes. It's the nature of growing.

If your idea of progress requires your comfort, then you don't really want progress.

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Tara Robertson's #code4lib keynote is up:

with slides + transcript + video of the talk!

Tara currently works at #Mozilla, but has been in libraries for years too.

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