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You do not have to attend every argument you are invited to.

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I'm here for Disney casting Eric as a female in the Live Action Little Mermaid and breaking all the barriers to traditional royalty and white-dom. Show us something different.

Privilege on its own is actually very harmless. With privilege comes power however and power can be dangerous. Privilege and luck don't demean the hard work you've done but it 100% determines where we start. What is the horizon you see from your privilege block? (How Privilege Defines Performance by Tatiana Mac)

Have you every come across an article and just by reading it you know 100% it's written by a white dude? ...It's uncanny how easy it is to spot.

I've been really wanting to contribute more to the Open Source community, because I rely on and use Open Source tools greatly but it's a bit overwhelming on where to start.
I just came across this resource called "First timers Only" and itself is such a great resource but they list, Up For Grabs which is a tool to find projects that are actively seeking help

I have this quality, some might say a fault(?), of approaching every person I meet with an investment in their story. I step into the conversation with the intention of the possibility of friendship.
Acquaintance isn’t really in my emotional vocabulary, and that sometimes makes things dangerous.

Today, Thursday, jersey is my USA Women’s National team kit from the 2016 Rio Olympics. The one with the ‘platinum’ sleeve.

Tuesday's jersey is an Atlanta United FC jersey. My most recent purchase. The game I attended (ATL vs ORL) had an attendance count of > 68k

In honor of the World Cup starting this week, I’m wearing a jersey every day this week. Starting (Monday) with my Uganda Cranes. I picked this one up to wear to the AFCON 2019 qualifier game between the Cranes and Blue Sharks (Cape Verde) while I was living in Kampala,

Today's jersey is my Everton jersey. The first official kit I've ever owned. It's their 3rd kit from 2015 the olive green and orange. Some might say it's an "ugly ass shirt" but

Welcome to all new folks on the C4L instance. Glad to have you non-robots here. Please stay, interact, bring good to the fediverse. It seems quiet at first, it’s not.
Have questions about Mastodon? Happy to help answer anything.

Being grateful and having gratitude are two different things. They carry two different sentiments. One is active, one is passive.
Remember that.

The person who tells me to be grateful for what I have is just blocking me from going for what I want.
Go for what you want, done let anyone convince you that you should settle with what you have.
Have gratitude for how far you’ve come, everything you’ve gained, all the friendships and relationships you’ve had but only stop when you feel like it.
Do not let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting growth.

You do not have to attend every argument you are invited to.

Video on Sex, Orgasms, G-Spot/Clit and historical racial BS 

Boost if you know someone who can speak to this.
From birdsite:
"I’m looking to speak with transgender people in the US who have had trouble finding a trans affirming therapist in your local area for an important project I’m working on. My DMs are open or you can email me katelynburnswrites at gmail."

The current horse I'm riding on is removing a 4 letter word from my vocabulary and reminding y'all to remove the "just" from your "I'm just a..." statement.
Do not minimize yourself and your accomplishments.

Someone I know is doing some really fantastic things at Mozilla for their Diversity & Inclusion. An interview with her on a policy she put in place to help provide support to Transgender Employees. Bring awareness to this.

Major thanks to all the instance admins who make sure their Mastodon instances stay up and running, secure and up to date. A personal thanks to @kayiwa for keeping ours going, I greatly appreciate your volunteered time. 🍻

With all y’all selling those essential oils, natural living and facial stuff...I know all y’all morning, evening and bathroom routines. I didn’t ask for this.

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